Pet Friendly CBD Oil 500MG

Pet Friendly CBD Oil 500MG

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500 mg 30 mL

100% Organic and Non-GMO. 


Directions for 500 mg: 1 full dropper for dogs under 50 lbs daily. 2 full droppers for dogs over 50 lbs. For smaller and larger dogs, dose accordingly using increments of 1/2 full droppers (500 mg ) or 1/4 full droppers (1000 mg) for every 25 pounds.


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  • WHY CBD??

    CBD helps to bring wellness and balance in dogs through a specific interaction with the Endocannabinoid System (ECS), present in all mammals. The ECS is a network of cellular activators and receptors that regulate hundreds of physiological processes inside the body like mood, inflammation, pain, sleep, stress and more. The ECS restores or maintains homeostasis through modulation of neural signalling. CBD binds to the CB1 and CB2 receptors in your dog's ECS and regulates anything that is out of balance. 

    CBD works by: 

    • Alters calcium channel activity

    • Does not bind to CB1 ligand binding site

    • Works at receptor-independent channels

    • Binds or blocks non-cannabinoid receptors

    • Modulates non-cannabinoid neurotransmitter activity

    • Modulates calcium channels

    • Inhibits reuptake of endogenous endocannabinoids

    • Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective

    CBD provides a natural way to support the dog's physiological, neurological and immune systems. 

    Some of the ways CBD works includes activating vanilloid, adenosine, and serotonin receptors. Through regulating adenosine receptors, CBD helps boost dopamine levels which produce anxiolytic and anti-depressive effects. By activating TRPV-1 receptors CBD regulates pain perception, inflammation and temperature. CBD blocks GPR55 signalling which decreases cell reproduction in certain tumours.